The April Fair (Sevilla)

Andalusia, Spanish culture, Spanish traditions | April 26, 2012 | No comments

These days takes place in Sevilla the very famous April Fair: one of the most renowned and recognizable festive celebrations of the Andalusian and Spanish folklore. Colorful, lively and “authentic”, it has become the expression of the way of life in the south of Spain.
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Differences between Cadiz Carnival and Tenerife Carnival

Spanish culture, Spanish traditions | February 10, 2012 | No comments

If there are famous carnivals in Spain they are without doubt the ones which take place in Cadiz and Tenerife. They both celebrate happiness, the will to live and partying…but despite being similar, these Spanish cities also have their differences. Some are more striking and others more subtle. What are they? We will try and shed some light on them now.
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