Things you didn’t know about the discovery of America

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The 12th of October it is the celebration of the “Hispanic World Day”. As the readers sure know, it is quite a controversial celebration. “Is it a celebration of brotherhood between cultures that share a common root, or the celebration of a spoliation that lasted until the independence of the American countries in the XIX century?” Today, it is a ticklish subject to the point that what was called the “Day of the race” is now denominated in some countries the “Day of the Indigenous Resistance”. What’s clear is that the whole thing started when that Genovese sailor (or Catalan, or Portuguese, depending on the source we resort to) set foot on a Caribbean island thinking that he had arrived to India. Or at least that’s what we were taught at school. Nevertheless, there are some details of the historic event that haven’t been told. We will now go through a few… you get to judge the discoveries.

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